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for a Korean peninsula Peace Treaty

Join the people who are signing petitions for a Korean peace treaty, to be delivered to the governments of four countries : South Korea, North Korea, China and U.S.

Send your name, organization, state by e-mail (to SPARK: spark946@hanmail.net)

The name list will be published as an advertisement in the newspaper on every 27 July, the day when the Korean War Armistice Agreement was signed in 1953, More than 30,000 people have signed the petition by now.

¡æ Peace Agreement for the Korean Peninsula (proposed draft)

¡æ Peace agreement for Korean peninsula in French (translated by Association d'amitie franco-coreenne)

Tenth anniversary of girls killed by US military vehicle by Hankyoreh (2012.6.13)

The Military Impacts in Hawai'i should be a Warning to Koreans about the threat to Jeju island. : By Kyle Kajihiro (2012.4.25)

South Korea Cracks Down on Dissent By Christine Ahn (2012.2.16)

Statement on the South Korean government crackdown on SPARK - By ILPS EAO (2012.2.14)

S. Korean government raids activists' homes, offices Peace organizations targeted - By Yari Osorio (2012.2.14)

"SOUTH KOREA: Rising attacks on rights defenders under the National Security Act" by The Asian Human Rights Commission (2012.2.10)

The Arms Race Intrudes on Paradise By GLORIA STEINEM (2011.8.6)

Unwanted Missiles for a Korean Island By CHRISTINE AHN (2011.8.5)

5-party coalition announces opposition to Jeju base [Hankyoreh] (2011.8.4)

IPS, " Jeju and a Naval Arms Race in Asia" - By Kyoungeun Cha [2011.6.18]

[video] "Stop the naval base in Jeju island" Interview with Bishop Kang Woo-il, bishop of Jeju diocese. He is also chairperson of Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea

Peace on Jeju (2011.6.2, Hankyoreh)

 Bruce Gagnon "MY SOLIDARITY FAST BEGINS TODAY" (2011.5.24)

[Open letter] Requesting the Revocation of HR 1321 "North Korea Sanctions and Diplomatic Non-recognition Act of 2011" (2011.4.14)

Bring War Dollars Home by Closing Down Bases // by Christine Ahn and Sukjong Hong (2011.3.31)

Factsheet: WEST SEA CRISIS IN KOREA (endthekoreanwar)(12.1)

Korean Crisis : Pax Christi International and the Belgian Member organisations ask European presidency to facilitate restart of six party negotiations (11.26)

S Koreans protest against Missile Defense system(2010.10.25)

A letter on sinking of Cheonan to members of the United Nations Security Council (2010.6.14)

Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the Road to Peace (2010.5.12)

[video] Stop the expansion of Mugon-ri training range

[video] NO navy base in peaceful island, Jeju

[video] Stop pyeongtaek U.S. base expansion

[video] SPARK's struggle for denuclearization and peace treaty on the Korean peninsula

U.S. Military Strategy on the Korean Peninsula and Missile Defense in Northeast Asia (2010.5.9)

[2010 NPT Review] NGO Presentation - Issues related to nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation Part II [verbal version] (2010.5.7)

[2010 NPT Review] Truth about the N. Korean nuclear issue and the key to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula (2010.5.5 NPT side event)

[2010 NPT Review] International Conference for a Nuclear Free, Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World workshop SPARK statement "The Struggle against US bases in Korea - for Denuclearization and Peace" (2010.5.1)

[2010 NPT Review] International Conference For a Nuclear Free, Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World Second plenary SPARK statement  " The significance of a peace treaty   for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" (2010.05.01)

2010 NPT conference, SPARK side even "Denuclearization and peace on the Korean peninsula"

Opposing President Barack Obama's Nuclear Posture Review _photo by AP (2010.04.14)

Opposed to Key Resolve¡¡(SPARK photo hani.2010.03.08)

U.S. and S.Korea diverge on U.S.-led missile defense system (2010.2.6. hani)

North Korea-U.S. bilateral talks returns to September 19 joint statement as a framework for give and take (2009.12.11.hani)

South Korean protesters shout slogans and hold banners during a rally against the U.S policy towards Notth Korea (2009.12.7)

S. Koreans demands peace from Obama (2009.11.19.hani)

South Korean protesters take to the streets during a demonstration against the visits of U.S. President Barack Obama (2009.11.18)

Protesting re-dispatch of troops to Afghanistan (2009.11.2.hani)

S. Korean activists protest against Afghanistan troop dispatch (2009.10.29)

Lee government wants to redeploy 200 troops and 50 policemen to Afghanistan (2009.10.27.hani)

North Korea¡¯s KCNA criticizes Lee¡¯s ¡°Grand Bargain¡± - with SPARK photo (2009.10.1, hani)

Citizens against DSC surveillance (2009.9.7.hani)

SPARK photo in the Maine Sunday Telegram newspaper (2009.9.6)

Chuseok family reunions serve as litmus test for inter-Korean relations - with SPARK photo (2009.8.26.hani)

Bruce Gagnon's Blog : TALKING ABOUT "STRATEGIC FLEXIBILITY" (2009.8.18)

Protest against UFG ROK-US combined exercise (2009.8.17)


" "Are You Burak Bush?" - Letter Sent to the Presidents of the Republic of Korea and the United States on the Occasion of the Korean-US Summit Conference( 2009.6.16)

South Korea US Protest (2009.6.16)

SPARK's Statement on North Korea¡¯s Second Nuclear Test (2009.5.26)

S. Korea announces full-scale PSI participation and asks U.S. to apply pressure on N. Korea (2009.5.27.)

[Interview] Visit of Peace activists to Mugeonri military training field & Interview of Bruce Gagnon(Coordinator, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space) (2009.4.19)

[Activities] No Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) (2009.4.15)

[Documentation] Towards a New Korea Policy for the United States - Recommendations by the June 15th Korean American Committee for Peace and Unification of Korea, March 6, 2009 (2009.03.09)

[Background News] Members of Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea demonstrate against Key Resolve & Foal Eagle Exercise (2009.03.09)

[Background News] Members of Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea urge U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to initiate dialogue with North Korea (2009.02.17)

[Documentation] The Mugeonri ROK-US Joint-Use Training Area (2009.02.16)

[Background News] USFK¡¯s Pyeongtaek relocation rescheduled for 2019 - Seven-year delay likely to result in hefty cost increase for S. Korea (2008.10.25)

[Statements]The Korean people's statement to the four nations of the Korean Peninsula Peace Forum relating to the peace agreement (2008.03.24)

[Statements]Statement of Solidarity In support of the people's struggle in the Czech Republic Against the construction of a US missile defense base in the Czech Republic. (2008.06.22)

[Statements] Peace Agreement for the Korean Peninsula (proposed draft) (2008.03.15)

[Statements] USSTRATCOM is the main threat to peace in the Korean Peninsula (2008.04.12)

[Statements] The US plan for incorporating South Korea in the US theater missile defense system and A proposal for a united struggle (2008.04.12)

[Activities] "Stop Tanks for Peace" - Below the bridge, War exercises, On the bridge, Calls for peace (2008.03.06)

[Activities]"Stop war exercises KR/FE" (2008.03.02)

[Activities] A press interview demanding the withdrawal of South Korean troops from Iraq.(2007.12.28)

[Activities] Members of SPARK hold a rally in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul on Dec. 26 to oppose Japan's moves to implement a missile defense system. (2007.12.26)

[Background News] South Korea was the world¡¯s fifth-largest buyer of American weapons between 1999 and 2006, a U.S. congressional report showed. (2007.12.28)

[Background News] Declaration for Advancing Inter-Korean Relations and Peace and Prosperity.(2007.10.04)

[Background News] SPARK demonstrate in front of South Korean and United States War Command Center (2007.08.20)

[Statements] We Welcome the Summit Meeting between North and South Korea (2007.08.08)

[Activities] The United Nations Command, the Korean peninsula peace treaty and the photographer - I'm sorry, Lee Si Woo! (2007.08.03)

[Statements] Call for the release of the Korean hostages in Afghanistan and the immediate withdrawal of the Korean troops (2007.07.25)

[Statements]An International Solidarity Statement against Militarization of JeJu Island (DRAFT) (2007.06.25)

[Axtivities] The US military is behind Japanese militarism (2007.05.30)

[Background News] Man who immolated himself in protest of FTA dies (2007.05.17)

[Activities] Pyeongtaek residents,  "I will take the village back!"(2007.05.04)

[Documentation] A death of a taxi driver (2007.04.20)

[Activites] Update Pyeongtaek (2006.11.21)

[Activites]SPARK urges: 'Oppose aggressive U.S.-South Korea alliance' (article of 'Workers World') (2006.11.02)

[Activites]Korean police prohibit the use of the human rights center for peace film festival (2006.10.20)

[Statements]Letter to the United Nations Secretary-General concerning the UN Security Council resolution to impose sanctions on the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea. (2006.10.19)

[Activites]SPARK delegation visit to U.S. to respond to recent UN security council resolution on N. korea, and also to security consultative meeting of S. Korea and U.S. in Washington. (2006.10.18)

[Activites] On 25 September, SPARK delegation to visit Washington, New York

[Statements] End Confrontational Policies Against North Korea. Conclude Peace Treaty in Korean Peninsula.(2006.09.28)

[Statements] Our Position concerning the 10th Security Policy Initiative (SPI) Meeting (2006.09.27)

[Statements] Open Letter to the US House of Representatives International Relations Committee's Hearings on the Korea-United States Alliance (2006.09.26)

[Activites] The 4th Great Peace March to ¡°oppose the Pyeongtaek US base expansion¡± (2006.09.24)

[Activites]On 13 September, at 7:00 am, the Korean government started to demolish empty houses in the villages of Daechuri and Doduri near Pyeongtaek (2006.09.15)

[Activites] Facing the forcible demolition of homes, the second anniversary of the candlelight vigils was commemorated.(2006.08.31)

[Activites] Stop the weapons buildup! Return military operations control authority! (2006.08.29)

[Activites] From 25 to 31 July, SPARK members toured US military sites throughout South Korea and carried out protest actions.(2006.07.25-2006.07.31)

[Statements] Let's go and plant the seeds of peace in Daechuri!

[Statements] Let the water flow in Pyeongtaek!

[Activites] Cancel the ROK-US preemptive attack exercises against N. Korea that reverse the establishment of the peace regime on the Korean peninsula! (2006.03.21)

[Statements] Cancel the combined Republic of Korea (ROK)-US-Japanese preemptive attack exercises against North Korea that reverse the establishment of the peace regime on the Korean peninsula!