[Speech] The 2022 World Conference against A and H Bombs - Hiroshima day, Nagasaki day


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The 2022 World Conference against A and H Bombs - Hiroshima day, Nagasaki day Speech


 In late June2022, the leaders of South Korea and Japan attended the NATO summit for the first time. This reflects the Biden administration’s motives to establish a global alliance system through NATO’s advancement into the Asia-Pacific region and the trilateral US-South Korea-Japan alliance. Establishing the Korea-Japan alliance will be a starting and end points for NATO’s global partnership. Biden administration’s intention for the worldwide alliance system is to contain and isolate North Korea and China. This move escalates our globe to a new Cold War. The escalating crisis in Taiwan strait caused by House Speaker Pelosi's recent visits to Taiwan directly indicates the precarious reality of a new Cold War. Under such military confrontation in northeast asia, denuclearization of the Korean peninsula will lose its momentum and will be dismissed. The Biden Administration must immediately stop NATO's expansion into the Asia-Pacific region and stop fostering a crisis in Northeast Asia! The US THAAD deployed in Seongju, South Korea, is directly linked to the US THAAD radar deployed in Shariki and Kyogamisaki, Japan. This linkage precipitates and arranges the ROK-US-Japan Missile Defense system, the US-Korea-Japan Alliance system, and the Korea-Japan alliance.


 In Soseong-ri, South Korea, where the US military deployed its THAAD in 2016, elderly community members in their 70s and 80s, as well as activists in solidarity, have been carrying out everyday Peace Actions to block the illegal THAAD construction vehicles from entering their village. Soseong-ri people’s daily early morning Peace Action persists despite being dragged out by the state police force every single time. Their unstoppable struggle against the US THAAD is a persistent resistance against the formation of the Korea-Japan Missile Defense system and the Alliance system. People of Soseong-ri are resisting a new Cold-War confrontation in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia with their bodies. They are protecting world peace with their bodies.


Both South Korea and Japan are under the US nuclear umbrella. Japan was the first place in human history to be victimized by US nuclear weapons, and South Korea is one of the most likely places in the world for US nuclear weapons to be used. A regional nuclear war inevitably escalates into a global nuclear war. Therefore, to prevent the annihilation of humanity and protect regional and international peace, South Korea and Japan need to refuse US nuclear umbrella and end US-led nuclear confrontations.


North Korea has long determined to give up its nuclear missiles in exchange for security assurance. Today, North Korea’s position remains the same. In 2018, the US and North Korean leaders adopted the Singapore Joint Statement. In the statement, the US agreed to guarantee security assurance to the North Korean regime. However, the US has resumed its joint military exercises with South Korea and is also escalating the scale of South Korea-US-Japan trilateral military exercises. This coincides with NATO’s expansion into the Asia-Pacific region, increasing the possibility of war in Northeast Asia, including the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan. There is no time to waste. The peace movements in Korea and Japan must act in our struggle against the Korea-Japan joint military exercises.  


We address the peace-loving people of Japan. We have never forgotten and will never forget the Japanese and Korean victims of the US’s Atomic Bombings. Let us push for both South Korea and Japan to join the “Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons” so that our humanity will not have to suffer the consequences of nuclear weapons again. Let us advocate to end the military alliance with the US and break out of the ever-increasing possibility of atomic weapons being used again. Instead, let us build a Northeast Asian Multilateral Security System and pursue a path to peace, coexistence, and prosperity in Northeast Asia. When those in power choose war and annihilation through nuclear confrontation and alliance, our peace movements must stop them by selecting the path to peace and coexistence through denuclearization and common security. We invite peace movements in Japan to join our struggle to end the Korean war and achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. This must be done by with a peace treaty. The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula will be the cornerstone for establishing the Northeast Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone. We, SPARK, will continue to fight for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the establishment of a nuclear-free zone in Northeast Asia, and, ultimately, a nuclear-free world. To this end, we must walk hand in hand.


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